This Half Mountain Marathon is very hard! It climbs a beautiful valley, and once you are out on the route you will enjoy to pass by local villages, streams and forest. The first 7km climb Run/Hike might be hard, but once on the top you have a great view of thousands of rice fields 800m down in the valley. You will now run on a rough road in the altitude of +1500m with a direct view to Fansipan, 3143m and the highest summit in Indochina, before dropping down into the small rice fields paths. In the final stage you need to save energy to climb the second mountain via a small dirt trail, before descending to Topas Ecolodge and the finish line. Expect that your time is about double compared to a flat race! Therefore you must bring water and extra energy.

Choose your race distance: 

Contest Early Bird rate
(until 14 Dec 2018)
Normal rate Plus 10km Plus 15km
10km 35 35 N/A N/A
15km 50 50 N/A N/A
21km 109 129 25 40
42km 119 139 25 40
70km 149 169 25 40
100km 169 189 25 40

We also offer 3 day and 4 day add-on packages, including transport to and from Hanoi, your accommodation and your meals:

3 day add-on package:

  Runner Supporter Children
Sapa hotel 245 265 185

4-day add-on package:

Package Runner Supporter Children
Sapa Town hotel 365 385 235
Own tent 295 305 235
Rent tent 345 355 235
Topas Ecolodge Executive Bungalow (triple sharing) 645 655 Contact us for family rate
Topas Ecolodge Suite Bungalow 945 955 Contact us for family rate


Elevation Gain Max altitude
+1.000m 1.650m


Open for all runners & hikers above 16 years.

Read more about optional and required equipment here.