Running Recipe: Homemade ‘nice cream’, by La Holista

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Running Recipe: Homemade ‘nice cream’, by La Holista

After a long training session, we all feel like we could use a good treat. But if you are trying to get to your ideal race weight or keep your body healthy, desserts can be a slippery slope. What if I told you that you can have a delicious ice cream that is creamy, refreshing and always at […]

Carb-loading done right

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Carb-loading done right

Get ready for race day with this wholesome rice salad by Chiara Squinzi of La Holista During my many years supporting athletes with their diet, I have seen it all, but the most common mistake of all is the pre-race carb-loading. The common thinking is that you should have a big dinner of pasta the […]

Running Recipe: Pre long run breakfast by La Holista

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The best way to fuel a long run (longer than 1 hour) is to start with the right fuel in your tank. A good mix of slow release carbs (oats), fast release carbs (fruits), protein, and fats (nuts and plant-based milk) will have you energised and full for about 4 hours. To make sure you always have […]

Nutrition – Energy Balls

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To help you fuel for the trails we have a favourite running recipe from Kim Matthews, who says: “One snack I like making are energy balls, mostly because they taste great, but also because there are endless combinations. They are perfect for a pre-run energy boost or post-run recovery treat.  These don’t last long in our […]