1: How many distances are there in this race? Are they organized on the same day?

A: There are 6 race distances: 10km, 15km, 21km, 42km, 70km and 100km. The long distances from 21km to 100km are held on Saturday, 22 September.

*Note: 100km runners start on the night of 21 September. 10km and 15km are held on Sunday, 23 September.

2: When can I get the GPX (GPS) file?

A: This is sent 10 days prior to the race.

3: How can I register?

A: You can register online via https://vietnammountainmarathon.com/join-vmm-2018/ or email us at info@vietnammountainmarathon.com for offline/group registration.

4: I do not use Visa or Master card. How could I register and settle the payment?

A: You can come to register and pay cash at our office at Topas Travel Office, No. 1B, Alley 12/2/5 Dang Thai Mai Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi or settle payment to our BIDV account. Email us at info@vietnammountainmarathon.com for further support.

5: Can I use my nickname to race? Do I need to bring my passport to collect the race bib?

A: No, you cannot use a nickname. By entering this event you agree that you have entered in your own name and yes, you are required to bring photographic ID or passport with signed Indemnity Form when you come to collect the race kit.

6: Can I get the certificate of achievement after finishing the race?

A: There is no paper certificate of achievement but we give a medal to every finisher. In 2018 an e-certificate will be available for download. Besides, the results are updated on our website and on http://itra.run/.

7: After the registration is confirmed, if I cannot join anymore, can I give my race spot to someone else?

A: Yes, you can. In case you find that you are unable to participate in the race after receiving confirmation, you can transfer your bib to another individual. The admin fee is $20 and deadline is 21 August 2018.

The replacement should be fully aware of race rules, terms & conditions and should provide us full information as a new runner. The full details for this transferring method are available HERE.

8: Once I’m registered, can I switch races/distances?

A: You can change race distances after having already registered by sending your request to info@vietnammountainmarathon.com . To change distances a $20 administration fee must be paid.

  • Participants who wish to change to a longer distance must also pay the extra amount.
  • No refunds are available if changing to a shorter distance.
  • No changes to race distances after 21 August 2018.
  • Changing to 10km $ 15km policy: $20 admin fee. Full refund of the price difference before 21 June 2018.  Refund 50% of the price difference between 22 June and 21 August 2018.

9: What is the cancellation/refund policy for the event?

A: You can find the cancellation/refund policy HERE.

10: Can I defer my entry to the next year?

A: We are sorry that it is impossible to transfer the entry of this year to another year.

11: Can I change the T-shirt size after signing up?

A: Yes, totally. We will have the VMM18 T-shirt size chart available soon and you can change your t-shirt size after double checking.

12: Can I enjoy Topas Ecolodge after the race?

A: Yes, for sure! You leave a bag with clean clothing at the race start line. This will be ready for you at the finish. There, you can have a shower, change into your clean clothing, then enjoy the day at Topas Ecolodge!

13: Can I come to Topas Ecolodge before the race?

A: On the day before the race (Friday), Topas Ecolodge is open for resident guests only. We are happy to welcome you to enjoy Topas Ecolodge on race day!

14: Can I use the Topas Ecolodge swimming pool on race day?

A: Yes. Put a swimming costume in your drop bag at the start line, pick it up at the finish, then you can take a shower and jump in!

15: My friends/family want to come with me to the race. Do you provide arrangement for them?

A: Yes, kindly check the program for supporters: 3-day package HERE and 4-day package HERE. We do not provide transport for those not on our supporter programs.

16: When is the deadline for registration for VMM18?

A: The registration is scheduled to close 2 months before race date or when the quota for registration is full (for 21km – 100km). Registration for 10km & 15km is open until 8AM, Sunday 23 Sep 2018.

17: Do I need any certificate of achievement or qualifying time to register for the race?

A: There is no certificate required, but we recommend the following so that you have a good chance of making our cut off times:

10km & 15km: No age limit to participate but up to 14-year-old children are required to run along with the guardian.
21km: Open for all runners & hikers above 16 years
42km: Open to experienced runners above 18 years, who have completed at least 1 marathon.
70km: Open for very experienced runners above 18 years, who have previously completed at least 1 ultra-marathon of +50km or an equivalent (Adventurerace, Ironman etc.).
100km: Open for very experienced runners above 18 years, who have previously completed at least 1 ultra-marathon of +50km, VMM70k or an equivalent (Adventurerace, Ironman etc.).

18: Where could I get the details for the race program?

A: Details for race programs are available on VMM website, 3-day package HERE, 4-day package HERE, Run-only program HERE.

19: How do I receive my race kit and bib?

A: For Run-only runners, please pick up your race bib and the important information letter:

17-19 Sep.: From 8AM – 5PM, Topas Travel office in Hanoi – 1B, Alley 12/2/5, Dang Thai Mai Str., Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi
21 Sep.: From 9AM – 9:30PM – Sapa Square, Sapa Town
22 Sep.: From 8AM – 5PM: 10km Bib hand-out and registration – Sapa Square, Sapa Town

20: Can someone else pick up my race pack?

A: You may authorise a representative to collect it on your behalf. Please download and complete the Letter of Authorisation. Your representative must present following documents during collection:

1) A copy of his/her ID/Passport (both soft and hard copy are accepted)
2) A copy of your registration confirmation email (both soft and hard copy are accepted)
3) Letter of authorisation and its mandatory items. Download HERE.

21: What is the mandatory equipment?

A: You can find the information of mandatory equipment for each distance HERE.

22: What kind of shoes/clothes should I bring during the race?

A: Trail shoes. The specific brand and model depends on individual choice, but the shoes should be for off road trail running, not road shoes.  For clothing, the mountains can be very hot, or cool and wet, so you need to be prepared!

23: Is there cut-off time for each checkpoint?

A: No cut-off time for 10km & 15km. For longer distance, yes, we have cut off times at checkpoints. Details are available at our website for 21km, 42km, 70km, and 100km.

24: How fit and experienced do I need to be?

A: You should be prepared for a long day on your feet and practice being in the mountains, whether that is hiking or running. You must be able to look after your own nutrition especially if you take on the ultra marathon 70km or 100km. Make sure you are comfortable with good footwear and carry the right clothing to put on if it rains or turns chilly.

25: Is there a bus transfer to the start or back from the finishing area? What is the schedule for this?

A: We provide bus transfer for all runners from meeting point in Sapa to the start line for each distance. This is included in your race fee. Buses DO NOT wait for late runners. The bus departure time for each race distance is announced HERE and included in the race program.

We also provide buses for runners from the finish area back to Sapa.

For 10km and 15km, since the race starts and finishes in Sapa Central Square, you will walk to the starting line on racing day.

*Please note these buses are for runners only – because we have to transfer over 2,000 people, we cannot also provide provision for non-runners, sorry!

26: Is there any water station at starting point or at checkpoints along the race?

A: Yes, every checkpoint has water. You must prepare your own water bottles or camelbak. You should carry your own favourite electrolyte powder.

27: At checkpoints what food is provided?

A: Every checkpoint has bananas plus one other type of fruit. Checkpoint 4 also has hot veggie soup and also noodles for the 70km and 100km runners.

28: Can I put a drop bag at a checkpoint along the route?

A: Only 100km runners may do this. You can put a drop bag at checkpoint 3. Simply bring it to the race start with your name tag on it. Bring one bag only – this will also be at the finish area waiting for you.

29: Do you provide energy gel/bars at the race?

A: No, we provide fruit at checkpoints. Bananas plus one other fruit. You should prepare energy gel/bars of your choice. Be mindful that intentional littering results in disqualification.

30: How is the weather in Sapa in September?

A: September is the start of dry season (19-32°C) in Sapa when the golden paddy rice fields are at their peak beauty during harvesting time. However, this is a mountain area, and the weather can therefore turn wet and colder, so you must prepare adequate clothing for all conditions.

31: I have more days before/after the race. Do you have any tours to discover Vietnam?

A: Yes, the race is organised by Topas Travel, experts in travel since 1973. Kindly check out the packages HERE <a or email us at info@vietnammountainmarathon.com for more suggestions.

32: If I do not book your package, how could I get to Sapa from Hanoi?

A: You could take our Topas Mountain Express (luxury van) at USD50/way, night train to Lao Cai or bus to Sapa Town.

33: Is there wifi at the accommodation of the package?

A: Yes and it is free. At Topas Ecolodge, wifi is available in the restaurant area only.

34: My friend is running but I am not. Can I access the course to support and cheer him/her on?

A: You may access the course, but there is no provision provided for this.

35: I have booked the package but my flight arrives at noon and I cannot make it to the meeting point on time for the departure to Sapa. What’s the alternative?

A: You could register for a late departure bus at $15/person, departing at 11AM and 1PM on departure date. You will get picked up at the airport and your bib will be handed out at VMM hotel.